Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project update**

Now that I have figured out how to add text to my story I'm obsessed with it and want to add it everywhere.More then likely it would not be a good idea but I like the quality that it gives the documentary.

Science hall and Wriston media lab is where all of the editing magic is happening. I was a little nervous a few days ago on how under developed my story line was but I constantly have to remind myself that I do have a lot of footage to work with. Enough hopefully to capture the interest of an audience for five minutes.

Questions to ask myself for this week:

What do I need to cut from what has already been edited and rework into my story line?
What are some visusal of China's landscape that need to be added?

As of now I'm still working on the skeleton of my story line I feel this is crucial to complete before moving on to cinema-graphic editing that will be happening later this week.


  1. yes adding text is a great component, Its been a while since I've did this technique, you should share this new found idea/technique in class.

    Make sure to mapp out where exactly the text will go best in your project, I may actually add a voice over, or text as well...

  2. The subtitles underscore how important it is to you for the viewer to pay attention to what is being said.

  3. the subtitle works! yay! it has become a strong piece.