Sunday, February 21, 2010

Follow Your Gut

Jodi Sedlock a wild life ecologist is an assistant professor at Lawrence University her research interest have taken her across the atlantic and into the tropics to study bats and the conservation of this species.

Professor Sedlock is an example of someone who trusted their gut and allowed their passions and interest to flourish into a life time of work that remains challenging and interesting. A former graphic art student she has degrees in both science and fine art.

We should have more enthusiastic people in the world who are just as passionate about what they do all of the time. The world would be a much better place.
Jodi makes it a lot easier for people like me to feel okay about doing what I want to do and following my passions not based on what is consider "THE WAY" of living life. I follow that same philosophy in my approach to my art and what I study here at Lawrence.

Sedlock found a passion that was self-fulfilling, beneficial to the conservations of bats and local communities in the Philippines.

What an inspiration to all young college students :D

Do what you love the rest will follow end of story.


  1. It seems from your cited article that no matter what we want to do, we will end up doing something completely different for a longer period of time. Do we have the patience?

  2. We love stories about people who were passionate and obsessed and ended up doing making a life out of it. One thing often leads to another....