Sunday, February 7, 2010

Klaus Nomi,Labels, and Culture

It's interesting to see how different cultural icons are respected and received to the world. In the late 1970's early 1980's Klaus Nomi was a German opera pop new wave sensation in the New York Art scene.

Klaus Nomi represented the postmodern condition, he was an individual that exuded and visually expressed the creative energy that surrounds the term. His performance and style was a mash up of old and new. He used his voice to push the boundaries of human sound creatively in music. To be in the presences of an individual performing to this quality was exciting and innovative. In the New York scene Nomi was a fine artist but outside of that social circle his work was difficult to define and understand.

In a performance just two miles away from the New York City border in a heavy metal club in New Jersey Nomi was booed off stage for his "bizzare" "poor quality music". I site these labels in quotation because this is the interpretation received from audiences outside the art realm.

It's difficult to define terms and to make visions universal when the world has never been able to communicate or share universally. His work and how it was received around the world put my project into perspective and it exemplifies what I am trying to express through my media project.

The world, western media, America- Our culture our government has had time to make accommodations and changes to it's development and to where it stands as a first tier state. China is a country that's has a different language, culture,geography and history therefore their development and expectations will be different.

(This message goes beyond politics or high culture) It's easy to judge and to flaunt when one is doing better than others.
It's easy to boo or to place sanctions on a country that is struggling to stand their own in the political world. I blame labels and the exclusivity that surrounds them.
Respect and compromise is needed in both political and art world.

The day that respect and compromise is made universal in world politics is the day that postmodernism will have a definition that is understood for all.

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