Monday, January 18, 2010

My media My Vision My plans

My mission
My goal of this media project is to expose some myths and misperception of China that has developed in our western media Culture. I hope to show through video and diary what truths I’ve been exposed to of the current cultural, political, economic, environmental development of China. I would like to begin by keeping a data base of media commentary from major leading News network that criticize China’s development in any way shape or form. I would like to use this data base as reference as well as use it as visual to connect with my video/diary documentary.
• Target News Networks
a) PBS
b) CNN
c) BBC
d) New York Times
e) NPR
f) The Economist

• Other media sources
PBS documentary China From the Inside
Other documentaries about China
My video Footage

Some questions I plan to explore for the duration of my project

  • How does media shape politics and how politics shapes media?
• Any relationship whether it is formal, informal, domestic, and international; is bound by a common interest
• That interest is the initial cause for interaction
• What is United States interest in China?
• How does our relationship with China today effect it’s a portrayal in the media and the knowledge that is the shared with Untied States.
• To what extent does China’s political system influence the media’s portrayal of the Country to Americans perception of Chinese governance, culture and priorities involving the public?


  1. Perhaps interview students from China to get their perspective to add to your mix?

  2. there's a Chinese newspaper in English at the library, they subscibe it. maybe you can compare about what America say about China and what China talks about themselves on the same issue.