Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carrying The World to The Future: Buckminister Fuller and His Genius

An outstanding quality of Buckminister fuller work is the breath of his imagination and how his ideas came into fruition. His ambition for what could be was impressive and is some of the reasoning behind his popularity. Fuller was creating during and era of desperation and poverty, he brought a lot of hope to people when their was not much to look forward to.

He was innovative in his thinking of the human's role in earth system and our impact on it's function.

It's taken a few decades but idea's of sustainable design and living is a reoccurring phenomena that has become pertinent to world politics and individuals way of living.

"I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented."
- Buckminister Fuller
His work is comprehensive and can apply conceptually to all forms of innovation and the human propensity to be sufficient and environmentally conscious in the new era.

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