Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laurie Anderson and The Honesty of Self-Expression

In presenting her ideas and experiences in the world Laurie Anderson uses mass media a as tool to connect and express her creativity. Mass media is accessible to the public unlike minimalist art or the work of her past contemporaries. Anderson's work shattered the boundaries and the exclusiveness that minimalist art presented. She takes idea's for what they are and doesn't attempt to deconstruct them any further.

The tools she uses to present her work using books, photographs, audio, and video are all forms familiar to the world and makes it much easier for an individual to connect with her experience as an artist. Laurie Anderson work creates the perfect balance of artistic expression and presenting her work as a part of the digital era. Her work is complex and tedious in it's process and yet simple in presentation. Her work is both aesthetically pleasing and an informative experience.

The media that presents us the news of the world could borrow a lot from Anderson's work in terms of presenting information for what it is. Their is a lack of honesty that media borrows from politics and from what politics borrows from media. It would benefit the american and political culture to have a more accurate perception of what the world is.

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  1. It's as if fathoming the most simple things are more than enough.