Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This post is to individualism and community may they forever live in unity.

I wrote this post in early January write before I got locked out of my account. Up until this last week I did not have access I decided to re-open my blog with a fresh perspective on winter and life. Check out what I was thinking about just 3 months ago below:

It's the end of January here in Appleton, Wisconsin. I wonder what's on the minds of most young 20 something's on the brink of embarking on new set of life adventures and challenges. What I really should be asking myself is what am I thinking about post graduation? What has my experience at lawrence here given me to take life to the next level.
Or better yet, what have I given myself to take to the next level.

I ask these questions because I'm looking for answers. My MediaVision has been too distracted with nonsense and circular thinking.

Winter poses many challenges to a mind that should never settle : We battle with self preservation, giving into many of our indulgences, hibernation, and our sofas.

My friends, I have chosen not to partake in latter experiences and will instead embark on a new vision of seeing and being outside the box of (home). The only way to really know is to try, the only way to really be and to exist is to know our selves and communities. Because in this day, in this age, of youtube and facebook you can easily lose yourself in the comfort of another's image .

So I challenge myself to cut the Facebook and start new patterns of thinking and living. And with that comes a change of name, a change of brand, a change of image to something that shares a bit more resemblance to my authentic self.

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