Sunday, September 5, 2010

WOAH mama here I go again !

I'm always thinking, always living, always creating. Whether what I produce is valuable to others or myself is another blog entry of conversation.

This entry is purely self indulgent. I suppose this blog is as well. Those who come across it or bother to read it are subjecting themselves to my interest in art, politics, and my lifestyle.

I guess its not to much of a problem we all have a bit of Lady Gaga is us right ? Looking for praise and appreciation in one form or another. Well, so be it and enjoy !

My academic and creative interest have brought me to Chicoutimi,Quebec a town/city if you will. Definitely a lot bigger then Appleton, Wisconsin but definitely not New York. I don't think their is really any other city like New York. I've travelled to a few places around the world and nothing can quite compare to its feel. Non the less I love exploring and immersing myself in the people and the culture of every new place that I find my self in.

I've been here for just a week and I'm liking it here more and more every single day. It was hard to get to but the food and the very generous people i've encountered have been worth every hour of my journey here.

I will be posting some videos and photos on here, but for now all will have to make do with descriptions I give until I got to the store !

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  1. Where the videos?!?! It has been awhile I will blog...i need to clear my mind first tho. LOTS have happen - nuthing TOO deep but. videos should be attributable - my damn camera is too big to carry around - lol. I hope quebec is amazing!